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  • We have a range of books which are out of copyright, and are therefore part of the public domain and are available for free.
    publishers are also able to choose to give books away for free.
    New authors will sometimes choose to give a book away for free as a sample, either permanently or for a limited time, in the hopes that if you like their work, you'll support them by purchasing further reading material!
  • Yes! We currently have KaiReader for Android and iOS, and have plans to release a windows version.
  • Yes! Sign in to your account in the KaiReader app on your mobile device to access your "Kai Library".
  • Yes! The KaiReader Apps will allow you to view documents in your device storage. After scanning for documents and importing those you wish to have available, these should appear in your private library. However, these documents are only available locally on your device. If you would like to synchronise your personal documents between multiple devices, you may use dropbox synchronisation.
  • We don't offer gift vouchers at this time but we do plan to in the near future! Keep an eye on our Press Release page for news!
  • The KaiReader website is in BETA: this means that it is partially functional but some areas are still being tested and having content added. Some areas are temporarily disabled or not ready yet, most of which are marked to reduce confusion. Keep visiting to see us unlock more of the site areas!
  • In case of accidental purchase or internet connection problems, purchases which are not received by the buyer within 14 days are refunded. Naturally if a purchase is refunded it is no longer available in your library.
    Any product downloaded via the KaiReader app or opened via KaiReaders in-brower reader is counted as received, so if you want to ensure the book is permanently in your library, be sure to download or read in browser soon after buying to confirm your purchase.
  • We would love to help distribute your books! When registering a new account, simply tick the Publisher/Self-Author checkbox and read and accept the Terms & Conditions. You can then go to the Publisher Page. The link can be found in the account dropdown (where you can see your username on the top right).
    In this area you may add new books, set/change prices and other data. (books may be free or minimum USD $0.50)
    Our agreement is non-exclusive so you're free to distribute elsewhere as well, as long as you're not breaking agreements with anyone else!
  • There is no charge for distributing eBooks through KaiReader, we simply take a small portion of the selling price. You can even give them away for free!
    From the KaiReader - Electronic Publication Distribution Agreement, which can be found on the Terms & Conditions page: Royalty Rates. KaiReader agrees to pay the Author or Publisher (whomever uploaded the content) 70% of net proceeds received by sale or licensing of your work (“Customer Price”). “Net proceeds” shall mean sales price paid and received less payment processing fees, affiliate fees, retailer discounts, costs due to erroneous or fraudulent transactions, credit card charge-backs and associated fees.
    Please note: For non-free books there is a minimum customer price of USD $0.50.
  • You can use our contact page to send us a message/question/feature request.

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